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Älmhult Linnebygdens Ridklubb
Älmhult Linnebygdens Ridklubb

Prices & Terms (In English)

Here you can register for autumn 2024!

The riding school starts on Monday 12th of August and ends on Friday 20th of December.

Applicationform Word, 107.5 kB, öppnas i nytt fönster.

Terms which applies to the ridingschool
The terms apply to you who are participating in the ridingschool activities. When you apply for ridinglessons in the ridingschool you need to sign the registrationform and agree to these terms, which counts as an agreement between you as a pupil and the ridingschool. Underage bookings has to be made by a parent or guardian.

When you sign up for ridinglessons in the ridingschool the registration apply for one semester. Signing up for a private lesson is binding and applies per booking. New students can try out for three lessons without having to pay for the entire semester. This means that you only pay for the three lessons and a membershipfee, if you would like to continue with the lessons after those three lessons then you sign up for the entire semester. The ridingschool must receive a cancellation before the fourth riding opportunity for this exception to apply. To be able to participate in ridinglessons the student has to be a member in Älmhult Linnébygdens Ridklubb.

Invoicing is done monthly. If the payments are not made on time it is considered a breach of contract, this means that the ridingschool will not offer a new place in a class. If payments are not made on time the student will be charged a late paymentfee.
Invoices are distributed by email. The student who wants a paper bill are able to apply in the applicationform and will be charged SEK 50 kr / invoice.

Cancellation to ridinglesson
Cancellations are submitted to the riding school by telephone or email. No replacementlessons will be offered if the student cancel, however, you can sell your ridinglesson to another riding student at the ridingschool. The students who buy a riding lesson may only buy at the same or lower level than your regular ridingclass.
In the event of long illness or injury, the student can receive the money back for missed occasions if the student leaves a copy of the medical certificate.
Cancellation to a booked privatelesson must be done no later than 8:00 on the same day, otherwise the amount will be charged.

Prices and discounts

Type on teaching

Price junior

Price senior

Ordinary riding lesson (45+45)

235 kr

260 kr

Play'n ride (30+30)

175 kr

Special lesson (105 min)

345 kr

370 kr

Ordinary riding lesson (45 min)

190 kr

215 kr

Competition class (60 min)

320 kr

345 kr

Private class (45 min)

400 kr

425 kr

Member prices
Family: 950 kr
Junior: 325 kr
Senior: 425 kr

Filming/photographing during riding lessons
There are new rules regarding this, read more here:
Rules for filming/or taking photos at the ridning school Pdf, 199 kB, öppnas i nytt fönster.

Welcome to a new semester!

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Älmhult Linnebygdens RK - Ridsport
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